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Kyleen Baptiste

Author, Speaker, Youth+Family Coach
Kyleen inspires women to live in awe of God’s word, knowing this is the wellspring of life and freedom begins in knowing God. She’ll be the first to share her passion to help others came from her own story of turning to damaging patterns as a teen and young adult and the radical difference choosing Jesus over everything made in her journey to freedom.

A pastor’s daughter, she’s had knowledge about God and the Bible her whole life. She tagged along with her parents as they came alongside others, held space for their hurting, and pointed them to freedom in Christ. While she could recite Bible verses, sing church songs, and attend ‘all the things’, the missing piece was authentic discipleship community where openness about the struggles of life was shared. Though never taught directly, she believed the lie that the best way to serve and help others was to ignore her own struggles.This led to a pattern of hiding, which turned into life-changing choices and dark places – impurity, teen pregnancy and abortion, substance abuse, insecurity and perfectionism. Though hiding seemed effective, Kyleen was successful on the outside yet buried in shame and emptiness inside. She found healing through Jesus Christ, embracing true freedom experienced in all-in surrender to Him and the grace and mercy of safe, Christ-centered relationships with others.

An author, speaker, & family coach, Kyleen’s been working with children and families for over 20 years. She worked as a child life specialist for 10+ years, helping children understand & cope with life altering experiences and helping families discover their strengths to cope and thrive in dark seasons of life.

Kyleen and her husband, Toby, have a non-profit organization called Impact Ministries where they team up with others to help share the life-changing love of Jesus Christ in different ways, because they believe Jesus is THE way. {take it from the girl who tried lots of other ways} Impact has a grass roots focus, whether in the U.S. or abroad. Their current campaign is launching a faith-based agriculture apprentice school in Tanzania where students learn business skills through a 2 year farming program. You can find out more here (hyperlink)

When Kyleen and Toby married in 2011, Kyleen became a stepmom to 3 wonderful kids. They all had to learn how to navigate blended family life, together. The journey was hard, still God’s grace proved to be enough over and over. He’s knit them together in powerful ways and used those places of pain to lead her start Blended Family Hope, where, you guessed it, Kyleen works with children and families in blended families, helping them have safe places to bring their pain into the open and take small practical steps to live in the light of God’s redemption.

Kyleen’s charisma and welcoming approach to grace-filled boldness invites people of all walks and seasons of life to a journey of freedom in Jesus Christ.

“Together, let’s choose Jesus over everything and find freedom in Him. Then, let’s show others the radiant hope that sets us free + keeps us free and live with a grace-filled boldness that invites them to join us in the light.”

Strong in Him,

– Kyleen


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